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Dates & Hours:
TBA Winter 2020
Location: TBA
Event Website: www.heyarchive.ca
Ticket URL: https://archivefw19.eventbrite.ca
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2435314236531835/
 #HeyArchive #RethinkRetail
Instagram: instagram.com/heyarchive
Email: hello@heyarchive.ca

Ticket Options:
$25.00 (Friday Night)
Early Access:
$15.00 (10am to 5pm)
Free (11am to 5pm | Saturday & Sunday)

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ARCHIVE | Canada’s Largest Consignment Pop-Up!

Did you know the average shopper in Vancouver throws away the equivalent of 44 t-shirts per year? We don't want your clothing to go to waste! On November 1-3, 2019 shop from thousands of pre-loved items including apparel, accessories, and shoes for women, men, and children of all shapes & sizes. Help Vancouver in creating a sustainable system for apparel. #rethinkretail

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Terms and Conditions:

We can't wait to give your clothing new life! By signing up, you agree to be bounded by Hey Archive Inc.'s Contract Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to comply with Hey Archive Inc.'s policies.

  • I understand that as a seller, all items must be in resale condition with no marks, stains or damage. Any item provided that is not in resale condition may be donated or recycled without the seller's notice.

  • I understand that if I am a 'no show' (i.e. paid to be a seller and then I do not show up to drop my items off), that it may affect whether or not I am accepted to future editions of the event.

  • Hey Archive Inc. reserves the right to restrict any seller to participation at any time.

  • I understand that items must be dropped off and hung on the hangers provided at the allocated drop off location & time(s) set by the event producers. All items not delivered and hung up on the clothe hangers provided during the designated date and time will not be included in the sale and I will forfeit my sign-up fee, and will endure a re-stocking fee of $100.

  • In the unlikely circumstance that the event is cancelled, we will not provide any compensation for loss of income.

  • I pledge to help promote Hey Archive Inc. within my social network, e-blasts and word of mouth.

  • I understand that I will not be selling my clothes in-person at the event. This is a warehouse-style event where shoppers will only purchase from racks, not the seller individually.

  • I understand that all sales at the event sale are final. All seller sign-up fees are final sale and non-refundable.

  • I understand that I have five days to invoice Hey Archive Inc. after being notified of my total earnings from the event (60% commission, minus the handling fees 3% of sales). If you do not, you will not get paid out.

  • I understand that Hey Archive Inc. is not responsible for ANY lost or stolen merchandise, boxes or clothing.

  • I understand that once items are dropped off, I must put my clothes on the hangers provided, or I can pay an additional fee of $1 per item.

  • I understand that all clothing that has not sold must be picked up by the individual seller at the end of the event during my designated date and time. If I choose to not pick-up my items, I will be fined 25% of my gross sales and deducted from my commission.

  • I understand that I am responsible for uploading the items into the Inventory Sheet provided by Hey Archive Inc.

  • I understand that individual tags will be mailed out to me in the address provided on the application sheet and that I am responsible for tagging them to my articles of clothing.

  • I understand that if I do not tag my items, I will automatically forfeit my spot, and received zero refund, and will not be able to sell my items.

  • I understand if I damage or write on the tags, I will automatically forfeit my spot, and received zero refund, will not be able to sell my items, and will be fined.

  • Once form is complete, submitted, you will be prompted to pay for the seller sign up fee. I understand if I do not pay, therefore the application is not complete.